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Mediaeval Music Bibliographical Bullettin






The circulation of bibliographical information is an important element for the promotion of scientific research. For many subjects, however, and for musicology in particular, one feels the need for efficient instruments of bibliographical updating specific to the different chronological periods. In view of this, the Sezione Musica Matilde Fiorini Aragone, established within the Fondazione Ezio Franceschini, has undertaken the publication of the present Bibliographical Bullettin. The aim is to offer a regular overview of the publications concerning the musical culture of the Middle Ages between 400 and 1500 A. D., as well as of the discographical output relevant to the same period.

The majority of the bibliographical entries (1642 for the first issue, 2862 for the second) is based on a direct examination of books, periodicals and bullettins, and offers an outline of their contents, something which will enhance enormously the convenience of any potential user of the Bullettin. The discographical entries (312 for the first issue, 286 for the second) provide details of the individual pieces performed. The first issue provides a review of the periodical and non-periodical publications from 1991 to 1995. The second issue, completing the coverage of the same period, is updated on a yearly basis.





MEDIOEVO MUSICALE. Mediaeval Music Bibliographical Bullettin


Editor Maria Sofia Lannutti • Chief Editor Claudio Leonardi

Advisory Committee Giacomo Bonifacio Baroffio •  Lucia Pinelli

Executive Editor Ernesto Sergio Mainoldi

Editorial Secretary Carla Vivarelli

Editorial Staff (Firenze-Cremona) Valerio Annicchiarico • Stefania Vitale • Carla Vivarelli


In collaboration with:

SocietÓ Italiana di Musicologia

SocietÓ Internazionale per lo Studio del Medioevo Latino

UniversitÓ di Pavia, sede di Cremona (Dipartimento di Scienze musicologiche e paleografico-filologiche)

UniversitÓ di Bologna (Dipartimento di Musica e Spettacolo)

Il Saggiatore musicale

Deutsches historisches Institut, Roma

Kunsthistorisches Institut, Firenze





• Part One Authors and texts, musical life (Geographical Areas; Medieval Libraries, Religious Insitutions; Town and Universities). History of musicology and research methodologies

Part Two Liturgical monody (Sources; Liturgy of the Hours; Liturgy of the Mass; Other Liturgies; Ambrosian Rite; Beneventan Rite, Gallican Rite, Insular Rite; Spanish Rite; Patriarchal and Aquileian Rites; Roman Rite; Non-Latin Rites). Liturgical poliphony (Sources; Mass; Other Genres)

Part Three Textual traditions (History and Reception; Philology and Textual Criticism; Semiography). Genres (Genres and Forms; Monody; Polyphony; Instrumental Music; Theatre; Treatise-writing). Theory and analysis (Analysis and Analytical Theories; Lyrics; Composition Techniques; Music Theory). Performance practice, organology and iconografy (Performance Practice; Musical Instruments; Musical Iconography). Other disciplines and arts (Architecture; Figurative Arts; Liberal Arts; Dance; Ethnomusicology; Philosophy and Theology; Literature; Rhetoric; Sciences)

Part Four Reference works (Bibliographies; Catalogues of Manuscripts and of Printed Works; Recordings; Dictionaries; Electronic Data-Bases; Handbooks; Indexes and Encyclopaedias)

Part Five Proceedings and collections of essays (Conferences; Miscellaneous Essays; Collections of Personal Works; Festschriften)

Part Six Recordings (Authors and Texts; Sacred Monody; Secular Monody; Sacred Polyphony; Secular Polyphony; Instrumental Music; Music of Oral Tradition; Miscellaneous Collections

Indexes Index of Manuscripts; Geographical Index; Index of Names and of Noteworthy Items; Index of Scholars; Analitical Index of the Discography; Index of Ensembles, Directors and Performers

VOL. I (1998), xxxiv - 490 p. ISBN 88-87027-23-4

VOL. II (1999), xxxii - 708 p. ISBN 88-87027-60-9 

VOL. III (2000), xxviii - 458 pp. ISBN 88-8450-097-4

VOL. IV-V (2003), xxvi - 382 pp. ISBN 88-8450-061-3

VOL. VI-VII (2005), xxxi - 445 pp. ISBN 88-8450-1660

VOL. VIII (2006), xxviii - 579 pp. ISBN 978-88-8450-227-8




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